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About Us
Food Additives

A.H.A International Co., Ltd. Food Ingredients Division (hereinafter called A.H.A - Food  Ingredients) is a much active and reliable worldwide ingredients distributor and your Chinese supply chain management service provider specializing in the Food, Beverage and Nutritional Industries. With more than 28 years professional experiences in sourcing and marketing, it has been engaged in promoting qualified products to our worldwide clients under GMP, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO, HALLA and other certified process control systems.


A.H.A-Food Ingredients enjoy a competitive market position with annual exports over 50 million U.S. Dollars ,and is a leading exporter for some food ingredients like Acidulants,  Amino Acids,  Antioxidants & Preservatives, Vitamins, Sweeteners, Flavor Enhancers & Aroma Chemicals, Phosphates, Nutritional Ingredients, Starch & Soya Products, Thickeners & Stabilizers.  


A.H.A-Food Ingredients share its advantages with worldwide partners for long term cooperation. Welcome to join A.H.A-Food Ingredients and find more and more chances to cooperate.


A.H.A is the logo of A.H.A International Co., Ltd, which means ‘Advanced Service Solution, High Standard Quality, Attractive Dynamo genetic Value’.


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