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About A.H.A
Development stage of aha

1.   In Mar. 1982, Sinochem Anhui Branch was established.

2.   In Dec 1988, the company name was changed to be Anhui Chemicals Import & Export Corporation (ACC).

3.   In 1994, the company name was changed to be Anhui Chemicals Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd(ACC).

4.   In 1996,  ACC moved to new office building—— Jin An Mansion.

5.   In 2001,  ACC was reformed to be A.H.A International Co., Ltd.(A.H.A).

6.   In 2002 , A.H.A executed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.

7.   In 2003, A.H.A’s import & export reached to USD130 million.

8.   In 2004, A.H.A’s import & export reached to USD162 million.

9.   In 2005, A.H.A’s import & export reached to USD208 million.

10.The brand Zenith was honored to be ‘Famous Trade Marks In Hefei City’ and ‘Famous Trade Marks In Anhui Province’ by The Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province.

11.In 2006,  A.H.A’s import & export reached to USD220 million.

12.In 2006,A.H.A set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Hongkong----Zenith International Group Co., Limited.

13.In 2006, A.H.A set up a joint venture of logistic forwarder in Shanghai---Golden Eagle Logistic(Shanghai) Inc.

14.In 2006, A.H.A set up a joint venture of pharmaceutical manufacturer in Hefei----Huayi Pharmaceutical (Anhui) Co., Ltd

15.In 2007, A.H.A’s import & export reached to USD200 million.

16.In 2008, A.H.A’s import & export reached to USD218 million.

17.In 2009, A.H.A’s turnover was over 1.3 billion Yuan(RMB).

18.In 2010, A.H.A executed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

19. The revenue of A.H.A in 2011 had reached more than 1.6 billion Chinese Yuan,  of which, the export had contributed to188 million U.S dollars, import 24million U.S dollars,  entrepot trade 30 million dollars, and the domestic trade 80 million Chinese Yuan.

20. In November 2011, A.H.A invest and setupAnhui Huakun Investment Co., Ltd.

21. From Jan.1st, 2012, A.H.A reorganized 14 business departments into 6 business divisions: Pharmaceuticals Division, Food Ingredients Division,Nutrition& Chemicals Division, Coating Division, Finished Products Division and Imports Division.

22. On Jan.18, 2012, A.H.A celebrated its ten years anniversary.

23. In 2013, A.H.A’s turnover was over 1.2billion Yuan(RMB), of which, the export and import reached to 197 million U.S. dollar.

24. In April, 2013, the communist youth league organized donations to the earthquake-stricken area in Ya’an,Sichun Province with more than 300,000.00 Yuan.

25.In Sept. 2013, A.H.A invest and setupAnhui Nebilia Nutrition&Food Co., Ltd.

26.In Aug. 2014, A.H.A was honored to be Vice Chairman Unit of CCCMHPIE

27. In Sept.2014, A.H.A’s management & service departments were reorganized into three centers: Business Operation Center, Business Management Center and Financial Center.

28. On Dec.28, 2014, the shareholders' Representative elected the Fifthnew Chairman of directors and supervisors.

29. In 2014, A.H.A’s turnover was over 1.4billion Yuan(RMB), of which, the export and import reached to 218 million U.S. dollar, and domestic trade 66 million Yuan.


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